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Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive about rental arrangements and terms.

Do I need a major credit card to rent a vehicle?

No. With Rent-A-Ride we have various forms of payment to make the process of renting a vehicle. You may pay with a major credit card or debit card.

Will you direct bill my insurance company for the rental fees?

Yes. We work with all insurance companies, repair shops, and auto dealers. We can set up direct billing to your insurance company or repair shop for the cost of the rental vehicle.

Do you charge for mileage?

We offer unlimited mileage within the bordering states on economy thru full-size cars. Please call the local rental car office for more information.

Can others drive the vehicle I rent?

No. Only an authorized driver who is on the rental contract may drive the rental vehicle.

Can I use another person’s credit card for payment?

Yes. You may use another person’s credit card for payment as long as a credit card authorization formed is signed by the cardholder. See your local rental car office more information.

Will you place charges on my credit/debit card when I make a reservation?

No. Charges will not go onto your credit or debit card until you pick up the rental vehicle.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

Our top priority is your safety and the safety of your passengers. After you address those needs first, we ask that you please contact your rental car office and let them know about the accident. They will walk you through the situation to assist you best. Please always get an accident report from the local law enforcement agency when possible.

Can I take the rental car vehicle out of the state?

Yes you can travel anywhere in the U.S. and Canada but we ask that you notify your rental agent ahead of time so that they can have the proper insurance and registration paperwork in the vehicle. There is also additional mileage out of the designated area. Please see your local rental car office for information.


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